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Explore the full range of polyurethane solutions for all your needs.


Explore the polyurethane range

Rigid Polyurethane - Shakun Industries

Rigid Polyurethane Blended Polyol Systems

Rigid pre-blended polyols are used to produce rigid foams, used in applications such as general insulation, buoyancy, wood imitation, and load bearing structures.

  • Excellent surface finish and inter-laminar adhesion properties.
  • Environment friendly solutions with CFC free blowing agents.
  • Customized solutions for customer specific needs and requirements.
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Polyester Polyol - Shakun Industries

Aromatic Polyester Polyols

Aromatic polyester polyols are designed to produce rigid polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams.

  • Consistent quality with better cost efficiency.
  • Excellent mechanical properties and enhanced thermal efficiency.
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Polymeric MDI - Shakun Industries

Polymeric & Monomeric Isocyanates (MDI)

Isocynates are used in conjunction with the polyols to produce all associated polyurethane foams.

  • Imported products with best in class offerings.
  • Assured quality with full technical support.
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