Shakun Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 and Ozone certified chemical company, which was founded in 2001 by Late.Shri Ram Niwas Goyal. The company is currently under Mr. Praveen Goyal, S/o Late. Shri Ram Niwas Goyal. Company offices and production facilities are located at Narela Industrial Area.

The company embarked its journey to success by blending polyurethane raw materials to manufacture polyol systems for rigid polyurethane industry. In 2007, the company further expanded its operations by manufacturing different grades of polyester polyols for the polyurethane industry. The expansion allowed the company to cater demands from varied industries like insulation, refrigeration, furniture, automotive, and footwear. Shakun Industries, now a member of Plastics Export Promotion Council of India, soon became a renowned polyurethane company with a strong brand equity in India.

As the polyurethane market was booming, in 2009, the company decided to further expand in different segments like spray insulation, wood imitation, and integral systems. Shakun Industries was now participating in a wider network of polyurethane industry.

Company's constant growth rate is attributed to the never-ending research & development efforts. The chemists have developed various polyols and formulations for diverse polyurethane industry segments from refrigeration to pre-fabricated buildings. Shakun Industries is also playing a significant role in the HCFC phase out programme.

Shakun Industries is among the very few polyurethane system houses in India, having ultramodern facilities and using advanced technology for producing polyester polyols and blended polyurethane systems. Innovation in both products and production technology is an ongoing process at Shakun Industries.

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