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It is the expertise, commitment and motivation of a company's employee that strengthen the foundation of company's growth.


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Sales Executive - Shakun Industries

Sales & Marketing

Responsible for building up a business by identifying new business prospects, employing promotional strategies, and selling products to prospects. They must build relationships with the new clients and maintain relationships with current clients. They will also need to stay ahead of the competition and work on sharpening and improving their technical and managerial skills by attending seminars and workshops.

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Lab Chemist - Shakun Industries

Polyurethane Chemist

Responsible for carrying out research and development projects and testing procedures on scheduled production batches. They must also provide technical support to the sales team, travel to customer sites for sample trials and troubleshootings, conduct thorough experimental analysis, and optimise costs while maintaining the quality standards.

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Purchase Executive - Shakun Industries

Procurement & Purchase

Responsible for maintaining raw material stock for the production processes. They must develop a wide vendor base for different raw materials and procure materials on time with maximum cost efficiency, while building and maintaining healthy relations with other businesses.

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Quality Manager - Shakun Industries

Quality & Assurance

Responsibel for monitoring and improving the quality of the operational processes and outputs. They must design quality standards, inspect materials, equipment, processes, and products, develop quality control systems, and determine corrective actions. They will also be expected to work with managers and supervisors to implement quality measures.

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