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Shakun Industries | Polyurethane Blended Polyol System House

India's Best Polyurethane Polyol System House

Established in 2001, Shakun Industries is arguably the most efficient polyurethane polyol manufacturer, catering to different foam sectors, such as rigid, flexible, integral, and elastomeric foams.

About us

Premium Quality

Always providing optimum quality products as per client's requirements and needs.

Timely Deliveries

Always delivering products on or before time schedule as per client's requirements.

100% Commitment

Always giving 100% commitment towards order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Technical Support

Always available for resolving any technical issues or glitches remotely or at client site.

Providing CFC free solutions to all polyurethane problems

As the use of blowing agent HCFC 141B was prohibited under the Montreal Protocol, which was implemented in India on 31st December 2019, we revamped our polyurethane system with eco-friendly alternates.

  • Stable and easy to use our in-house SIPANE™ blown systems.
  • Efficient water blown systems for select applications.
  • Incorporated methyl format and HFCs in different polyurethane polyol systems.

Blowing agents like water, hydrocarbons, and methyl formate have zero ozone depleting substances and low global warming potential, which makes them ideal for developing environment friendly solutions for the polyurethane industry.

Green Earth - Shakun Industries

Innovation is an ongoing process at Shakun Industries

The research and devlopment team works day in and day out towards developing new polyurethane polyol grades and exploring the associated applications.

  • Extensive research is done on the subject application.
  • Suitable polyurethane polyols are devloped with due diligence.
  • Application prototypes are prepared at laboratory level for demonstration purposes.
  • Thorough testing and analysis is done to exhaust all use-cases for failure.

The team works relentlessly from building new applications to testing out newly sources raw materials to enhance product quality and cost efficiency.

Lab Testing - Shakun Industries

Always following a customer centric approach for building loyalty and trust

We understand each customer's pain points, applications, and exact requirements, and we deliver keeping all of that in mind.

  • The foam free-rise and core densities can be adjusted.
  • The reaction times such as cream, gel, and rise can be adjusted.
  • The polyol isocyanate mixing ratio can be adjusted for select applications.

Every other application or machinery may require different chemical properties for corrective operational efficiency. It is up to the customer to notify us and get the best out of our capabilities.

Batch Processing - Shakun Industries

Having a monthly production capacity of more than 250 metric tonnes

We have multiple chemical reaction kettles, which help us to maintain our operational efficiency during high demands.

  • Consistent quality due to large production batches and multiple quality inspections.
  • Efficient delivery schedules due to coherent production and sales processes.
  • 24/7 technical support due to industry-wide knowledge and experience.

We are also equipped with underground tanks to tackle chemicals that require high pressure vessel storage under normal temperatures. All our equipment is thermally insulated for maintaining safety standards at the workplace. We are also equipped with general logistical equipment, such as barrel lifters/tilters, trollies, and forklifts to ensure that the floor workers are at ease when it comes to handling heavy barrels and vessels.

Reactor Kettle - Shakun Industries

Industries Served

People don't notice it enough, but polyurethane foams are an essential part of our lives!

Insulation, Refrigeration, & Cold Chain

Polyurethane foams provide improved thermal efficiency as compared to other insulating materials.


Polyurethane foams are capable of bearing heavy loads and are also used in water proofing applications.

Marine Buoyancy

Polyurethane foams have lower densities than water and are therefore used in boat hulls to provide the buoyancy effect.


Different types of polyurethane foams are used in car steerings, gear knobs, car seatings, and car doors.

Mattress & Furniture

Polyurethane foams are used in flexible mattresses, cushions, home decorative items, and wood imitation products.

Adhesive & Footwear

Polyurethane foams are used in all kinds footwears, including slippers, sandals, and shoes. They are also used in adhesives.


Our prestigious clientele is attributed to our profound quality standards, production capacity, and business integrity.


Meet the management, constantly working towards the company's goals.

Praveen Goyal

Praveen Goyal

Founder and Managing Director

A leader with a strong legacy in the polyurethane industry. With more than 20 years of experience, he plays an important role in Shakun Industries, as a guide and as a mentor cruising the flight of success.

Keshav Goyal

Keshav Goyal

Executive Director

A proficient engineer, entrepreneur, and an opportunist, who can't sit idle for a moment, conquering difficulties in all domains. Lives by the saying - Difficulties mastered are opportunities taken.


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